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Picture This

 You host an event where participants are engaged, actively learning and wowed by the ideas and content that emerges. They are stimulated and start impromptu discussions during coffee breaks and leave the event feeling they have been listened to, learnt new things and excited about the new ideas that emerged.   

Our live illustrators (aka graphic recorders and scribes) help organisations to solve problems and captivate audiences by visualising the ideas that will enable them to grow their ideas, innovate and make an impact.   

Drawing Ideas Together


Why do we do Live Illustration?

We believe that the world of work has to change. The old ways of doing things are uninspiring and do not engage employees to reach their full potential. Creative approaches have the potential to transform the way we work. To make it more productive as well as enjoyable. We are also slightly addicted to pens.  


What is Live Illustration?

 For innovation to occur we don’t just need new ideas, we need new tools and ways of working to extract those new ideas in the first place.  Live illustration challenges those old ways of working by shaking up the traditional meeting experience. By using words and images in creative and fun ways events are transformed. They become engaging and accessible.


What we do

Whether it be your organisation’s strategy, a conference keynote or a training day. Your live illustrator (graphic recorder, scribe) will capture and communicate the essence of the event so you can identify and action your best ideas.  Live illustrators manage complex cognitive processes when working, jumping back and forth between visual modes and linguistic ways of thinking. Listening, interpreting, summarizing and illustrating in a continuous loop.  We draw ideas together, so you can clarify, innovate and have maximum impact.   

Transform Your Events



See your big ideas. And inspire your attendees. 

Maximize Return on Investment


You've invested and planned an awesome event. Live illustration ensures your organisation and attendees get the most from the day.

Extract More Content


We listen hard. All those juicey bits of information and conversation, we capture so your attendees can engage and share.

Encourage Conversation


Live illustration is a great icebreaker. It prompts people to comment and to begin discussing the issues and building networks. 

Reduce FOMO


WOW, your event is so jam packed with content your attendees wish they could be in several places at once. Multiple live illustrators can capture the content so your attendees can relax, knowing they'll get the notes from sessions they miss. 

Multiple Learning Styles


Most of us are visual learners. Live illustration taps into this core human skill. Aiding non-native speakers and supporting those with learning difficulties. Making sure your participants are engaged and included at your event. 

Beyond the Event

Jazz up reports


Producing a post event report or summary? Use images from your visual summaries to add visual reminders of the event as well. 

Rapid Recap


Keep a record of your past events. Use for recapping before future event planning and charting progress. 

Create Learning Material


Build up a catalog of visual summaries to produce learning materials. 

Social Share


Engage your audience. And they will share and promote your event on social media. 



Spruce up the office walls, share with those not there, keep your workforce engaged reminded of the day.  

Something else?


We love to collaborate and create new things. If you have a wicked idea for how you would like to use live illustration, during or after your event, we'd love to hear it. 

Join the Tribe

I'll be sharing creative tools & strategies to jazz up your work life.


Sarah brilliantly captured the essence of what was being discussed during the seminar and ingeniously used live illustration to highlight all the key moments. 

Her very unique graphic recording was creative, engaging and awakened curiosity during the event. It also served as a wonderful summary after the seminar! If you want to capture key moments and make your events more fun, lively and innovative, we highly recommend Impact Illustration for your next workshop, seminar or event.

Coaching Partner 

Sarah recorded several sessions at our annual Applied Improvisation Network conference.  Her skilled and witty graphics made a great reminder of the key points.

The Applied Improvisation Network

Sarah captured several discussions during our 1-day conference, alongside another graphic recorder.  Her approach to preparing for the event was practical and considered, visiting the venue and chatting with us about the process and her requirements. She was punctual on the day arriving to set up in advance of the event start. Our delegates we very impressed with the memorable, visual summary of their dialogue, which we scanned and shared  with them for their own use. Graphic records from a dialogue-filled day are a worthwhile resource for looking back over key insights. We’d certainly look to make these a feature of future events.

Cambridge Arts Network 

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